Accelerant is a provider of tailor-made consulting services that help our clients to improve their business performance. Companies that work with Accelerant are looking to build upon their capabilities in order to out-perform their competitors. Accelerant provides the insight and expertise to guide these initiatives in order to deliver real improvements in business results.

Accelerant Talent Management focuses on the People aspects of a Business. That is, we are able to help an organisation ensure that it has the right individuals both now and in the future to support the achievement of their vision, strategy and objectives. Ensuring you have the right individuals means that your HR policy needs to focus both externally i.e being market aware, as well as internally and Accelerant offers a range of consulting services that does just that.

We offer a comprehensive range of consulting services covering:

Market Knowledge and Intelligence

  • Competitor Analysis: Organisational structures/charts, Compensation packages, Job definition - roles and responsibilities.
  • Potential Talent Identification: Movers and shakers, their skills and achievements. Where do they want to go next? What will it take to attract them?
  • Perception Analysis: How is your business/sector viewed as a potential employer ?What are the barriers to overcome?

Talent Management Consultancy
  • Assessment of skills and experience: What are the capabilities of my team?
  • Role or Talent definition. High achiever success criteria: How do we define talent, how can we as a management team agree what it is? Where will we find it?
  • Selecting high performers/potential: Measuring those individuals we believe are high achievers against our talent brief.
  • Benchmarking: How does our team compare against each other and do we have the best that’s out there?
  • Internal Perception Analysis: Are we on track to achieve our goals, does the business believe it, are they with us, what can we do better?
  • Succession planning: How do we retain those that we want to keep, how do we stretch them and help them to achieve?

Talent Management Best Practice

  • Defining the brief: What skills do we need to hire? What does success look like in the market place? What are our cultural requirements?
  • Talent Identification: Where shall we look, what will be our proposition?
  • Talent Attraction: Putting the right people and process in place to attract the very best. Getting it right first time and moving at the right pace for the candidate.

Talent Acquisition

  • Creating a best in class resourcing process: What does a best in class process look like? How do we measure up? How can we make improvements, how can we communicate the importance of ensuring that every candidate we touch is left with the right impression consistent with our proposition.
  • On site support: Assisting onsite in an interim capacity to manage a campaign or to support the resourcing team.

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